• SHOW Tech–Brush Maxi Pin Brush Large B076633KTV
  • The contoured handle rests on a plastic pad on which were placed the Maxi- teeth, arranged side-by-side following the line oval designed by pad. Indispensable for short hair dog brush both dogs sleeping bag long finish to reach in depth giving total comfort and well-being to the dog
Maxi Brush Pin has been created with an innovative designer. Absolute and is the best brush in for longer hairs for a minimum of 12 cm, created with durable plastic in different lengths, is extremely lightweight and the pocket also format. The plastic contoured handle rests on a bearing soft and elastic light colour on which were placed the maxi- teeth. Each tooth prepared next to the other follows the line Oval Case by the bearing in horizontal and a vertical half circumference in the length of 25 mm. Maxi pin brush is indispensable for your Maltese. For brushing the shaggy dogs like finish and to remove any felt. Its action makes the bright and soft pile is for dogs sleeping bag hedgehog as the smooth tread that sleeping bag as the Maltese. The Max iPin is the most used and recommended by the best farmers of dogs sleeping bag Long Brush and smooth, such as Maltese and Shih-Tzu and by the best professional groomer of the entire world. is unique in its kind because it is durable and at the same time gentle on the skin and fur of your puppy. The Maxi pin brush is a professional high quality product ideal for boosting the beauty of the robe of our beloved pelosetti.

SHOW Tech–Brush Maxi Pin Brush Large B076633KTV

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SHOW Tech–Brush Maxi Pin Brush Large B076633KTV

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